Includes 14 treatment sets for upper and lower teeth, 28 strips total. ( 2 weeks worth of teeth whitening strips)

Nope! Insanely Bright teeth whitening strips are sensitivity free.

The strips include lower peroxide levels. 8% Hydrogen Peroxide allows for efficient teeth whitening results without the unnecessary discomfort.

Use strips for 30 minutes, once daily for a whiter smile in just 7 days and complete results in 2 weeks.

The bleaching agents will temporarily make the enamel/ tooth surface porous as they continue to to penetrate the tooth and break down stains. During this period -which usually takes 24 hours the teeth are highly susceptible to staining.


1. Dark Colored beverages

2. Acidic Foods/ Beverages

3. Dark Colored foods (Ex: Tomatoes, berries, ketchup, cherries, pomegranates and chocolate)

4. Sugar Loaded treats

5. Tobacco

- Chicken without the skin

- White rice

- Pasta with white sauces

- Bread

- Potatoes

- Yogurt

- Milk

- Egg whites

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