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Hello!! My name is Sanely I'm from Austin, Texas. I started "InsanelyBright" to help YOU (yes you) feel confident in your smile. All teeth are beautiful no matter if they're straight, crooked, big or small. InsanelyBright Teeth whitening kit will whiten your teeth in 20 minutes and brighten your smile by 8+ shades in just 10 days!

I've been fascinated with teeth whitening since I was little. As a young teen, I would rub my teeth with banana peels, use baking soda (which is harmful & abrasive on the enamel), basically any home remedy that would whiten my teeth. At the age of 15 I started working/sponsoring different teeth whitening companies. I graduated HS in 2017 and became a Registered Dental Assistant. Many of my patients would come in and ask about the in-office teeth whitening. Which ranges from $200-$600 depending on the office/location. I HATED seeing people spend that much amount of money. The only difference between in-office whitening and home teeth whitening is the amount of time it takes to whiten your teeth. YOU GET THE SAME RESULTS! In-office(1 hour, but you get extreme sensitivity)...I know by experience. With At home whitening (10 days, with little to no sensitivity), and you can always just order more whitening gel if you want to touch up/maintain your white teeth, with whitening your teeth at a dentals office, you don't get that privilege. I know you will love our teeth whitening kit!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Much love! And please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions!


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